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11SS Roller Chain New Product

11SS Roller Chain

3.7465mm pitch High Corrosion-Resistance with SUS304 Stainless Steel

  • Medical devices
  • Office equipment
  • Plastic models
  • Others
  • Sprockets are also available.

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SOS Roller Chain SOS Roller Chain

Lubrication Free Stainless Steel chains
Lubrication Free Stainless Steel Double-Pitch Chain

  • Reduces the time and labor for maintenance!
  • Decreases the production loss due to line stop!
  • Reduces the cost for chain replacement!
  • Accepts attachments!
  • Safely used for food processing machinery!

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Product Info

Transmission Chains

Transmission Chain
Product Overview Details of Transmission Chains

We provide comprehensive types of transmission chains ranging from standard simplex/multiplex roller chains conforming to JIS, ANSI, and ISO standards to high fatigue resistance (LL series), lubrication free, stainless heat-resistant/corrosion-resistant type, and surface-treated chains, which are used in many industrial equipment such as automobile, industrial machinery, food industry, and logistics equipment.

Details of SSP Stainless Roller Chains

Transmission Chain
Product Overview Details of SSP Stainless Roller Chains

We use NSSC550 (martensitic stainless steel) material from NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation as the material for the pins, bushes and rollers, which are the parts with frequent wear. (*The chain plates are SUS304.) A special heat treatment is applied to the pins, bushes and rollers to produce strength equivalent to that of steel and corrosion resistance at the level of SUS304. Compared with conventional stainless steel chains, the wear resistance is around five times greater and the maximum allowable tension is around three times greater.

Small Conveyor Chains

Small Conveyor Chain
Product Overview Details of Small Conveyor Chains

These JIS-standard conforming, double-pitch chains allow the installation of attachments such as slats, plates for transportation, pins, and bar so that they can match a wide range of customers' designs.
These include double-pitch chains, carrier chains, and triple speed chains comprised of resin rollers that can directly transport goods pallets.
Applicable items such as A-1, A-2, K-1, and K-2 attachments, side rollers, top rollers, lubrication free types, stainless-steel, and plated types are available.

Chains for Agricultual

Agricultural Roller Chain
Product Overview Details of Chains for Agricultual

We provide a wide range of transport and transmission chains for agricultural machinery used under harsh conditions. Chains used for many agricultural machines such as cultivators, rice planters, combines, binders, and tractors require durability and strength.
KCM chains for agricultural machinery provide reliable performances with their rich proven track records.

Chain Coupling

Chain Coupling
Product Overview Details of Chain Couplings

Simple structure coupling comprised of duplex roller chains and 2 sprockets.
Its centering tolerance between both shafts are large, ensuring high transmission ability despite its compact size.

Some types of finished products have been processed according to the new JIS standards for key and in some other types, their shaft hole has been processed.


Product Overview Details of Sprockets

Many types of sprockets are available for standard roller chains.
We also accept orders for standard products such as those in conformance with JIS and BS, double-pitch, single-double, hardening A-type, stainless sprockets and make-to-order products for agricultural and special machines.
Various types of finished products that have been processed according to the new JIS standards for key and whose shaft hole has been processed are also available.

Chain with Attachment

Chain with Attachment
Product Overview Details of E.g. Chains with Attachment

We undertake to produce various shapes of attachments in accordance with their applications for transportation with roller chains from their design phase.

We have introduced many shapes and styles of attachments according to different applications.

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