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Chains for Agricultural Machinery

Chains for Agricultural Machinery

We provide a wide range of transport and transmission chains for agricultural machinery used under harsh conditions. Chains used for many agricultural machines such as cultivators, rice planters, combines, binders, and tractors require durability and strength.

KCM chains for agricultural machinery provide reliable performances with their rich proven track records.

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"F"-type (oval) Roller Chain

"F"-type (oval) Roller Chain

KCM "F"-type roller chain has oval plates replaced from those of standard roller chains.
This chain is most useful for transportation of materials directly on the chain as well as common transmission.

Chain number:KCM 40F~120F

「"F"-type (oval) Roller Chain」PDF Download

CA-type roller chain

CA-type roller chain

KCM CA-type roller chains are mainly employed for power transmission over relative long shaft to shaft distance at low speed and used with attachments especially in larged sized farm machine.

Chain number:KCM CA550, CA557, CA620

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Agricultural Roller chains

Agricultural Roller chainsThe KCM roller chains for farm machines are used for a wide range of applications, from power transmission to conveying, thus contributing mechanization and energy-savings of agricultural work."FR"and "HLL"models are specially designed for heavy-duty power transmission in the farm machine destined to work in severe working conditions.

Chain number: KCM 415, 415S, 420, 40, 428H, 520, 50
Chain number: KCM 40 FHR, 50 FHR, 80 FHR, 100 HLL, 120 HLL

「Agricultural Roller chains」PDF Download

Feed chains for Auto Thresher (Farm Machine)

Agricultural Roller chainsThe KCM feed chains for auto thresher are now used in combines and harvester.
A variety of feed chains, including 20 types (four shapes) conforming to JIS B
9204 and nonstandard types.


「Agricultural Roller chains」PDF Download


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